American Consultants
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Dr. Don D. Petry:
Trustee, International Development Dept. of the Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA); Executive President , American Private School Authentication ommittee.
Mr. Donald Enz:
The Commission on International and Trans-regional Accreditation (CITA) Expert; American Secondary-school Education Expert.
Mrs. Billie Enz:
(Ph.D. Elementary Education) is the Associate Dean of the School of Educational Innovation and Teacher Preparation and the Polytechnic Campus at Arizona State University. Dr. Enz is an international recognized expert in the areas of emergent literacy and first language acquisition. She is one of the founding curriculum writers for New Directions institute and is a past-president of the New Directions board. Dr Enz is the past president of the Family Literacy and the Literacy Development in Young Children special interest group for the International Reading Association. She is also the co-chair of the International Reading Associations Early Literacy Commission. Dr. Enz is a senior member of the Early Childhood faculty and teaches language and literacy courses. She has co-authored three textbooks in this area, Teaching Language and Literacy: From Preschool to the Elementary Grades and Helping Young Children Learn Language and Literacy: From Birth through Preschool, and Assessing Language and Literacy Development.
Specialist & Consultant
Zha Youliang : 
Research Fellow, Sichuan Provincial Academy of Social 
Sciences President, Human Resources Research Academy
Member of National Education & Science Planning Group Senior Visiting Scholar, Harvard University, U.S.A  Adjunct Professor, Beijing Normal University
暂无照片 Yao Wenzhong : 
Professor, Sichuan Education College
Adviser, Chengdu Municipal Government
Associate Director, China Socio-psychology Institute
暂无照片 Ji Dahai :
Vice Secretary-general, Sichuan Education Institute.
Zhang Naiwen :
Chengdu Municipal Special Senior Physics Teacher President, Chengdu Education & Science Research Academy Managing Director, Sichuan Education Institute Chengdu Municipal Educational Expert Rewarded with allowance from the State Council.
暂无照片 Li Jiayong :
Vice-president,Education College,Beijing Normal University; Assistant director, Beijing Normal University Private Educational Accreditation Research and Service Center .
Zhang Dongjiao :
Assistant Director, Beijing Normal University Private Educational Accreditation Research and Service Center;Director, Education Economy and Management Dept., Education College, Beijing Normal University; Doctor of Education; PHD Tutor. Research area: the competence and leadship of principals; the improvement of school administration and efficiency; the management of school public relationships. Undertaking the undergraduate course and the graduate curriculum: Management of Education. Management of School Public relationships, Pedagogy Principles; Taking charge of many provincial topics independently; Participating in the construction project of Beijing Junior middle schools as an academic contacting person and a member of expert-group.
Gu Meiling :
Director, Sichuan Normal University Private Educational Accreditation Research and Service Center.
Zhou Wei :
Director, Teachers’ R&D Center, Shanghai Education Science Institution; Director, Shanghai Research Center of Teachers’ Continuing Education of elementary school and middle school; Assistant Director, Preschool Education Specialized Committee,Shanghai Education Committee; Vice-chairman, Shanghai Abacus Calculation and Mental Arithmetic Association; Member of Examine Committee of Shanghai Elementary and Middle Schools’ Curriculum; Researcher of National Education R&D Center, the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural education expert.
Zhou Yue :
Director, Beijing Normal University Private Educational Accreditation Research and Service Center.


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