Xu Dexiong

Dexiong Xu

Principal of the Chinese Division
Middle School Mathematics, Master Teacher
Chengdu City Academic Leader

What we want our children to have is not only the heavy schoolbags and red college admission notices, but also good teachers, helpful friends and Golden Days.
Middle School
Ji Lan

Lan Ji

Vice-Principal of the Chinese Division
Principal of Primary School
Chengdu City Outstanding Young Teacher
Chengdu City Academic Leader

Chinese culture is at our core, and it is everpresent in our minds.

Poetry, calligraphy, etiquette and music are our skills, and they permeate through our curriculums.

Harmony education is the soil for our teaching, and it nourishes our life’s journey.

To be a gentleman is to remain harmonious while respecting others’ differences;

to be a student is to merge all aspects of knowledge and truth to acquire a thorough understanding.

Primary Schoo