The Teaching Staff

With great minds, great wisdom, and great soul, teachers are always the cornerstones in the school development. There are a lot of outstanding teachers who are from all over the country and full-time foreign teachers who come from the U.S.A., the U.K., and Canada, which has become a teaching team with sound organizational structure, highly ethical principles, professional skills, broad horizons, and educational innovation.Currently, among 200 teachers, there are 2 educational experts, 4 extraordinary teachers, 16 subject department heads, 98 outstanding teachers, and 30 foreign teachers.

Representatives of outstanding 
teachers in the secondary school

Teachers in the International Programs

Teachers' Professional Development

"Development" is an eternal topic for team building. Based on the cohesive force of: "developing a first-class school" and the drive of "lifetime learning, and keeping the pace with the times", the school is always stressing the development of team building, teacher's training, and education & research. Since the establishment of the school ten years ago, 1 extraordinary teacher, 3 leaders subject teachers, 2 outstanding teachers, and 12 subject leaders teachers have been developed by the school. The school teachers have been awarded in their works many times.

First-batch teachers dispatched to U.S For training

Long Qing: Famous English Teaching Experts

The IB Asia Pacific organization to CMIS for training

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