Message from the Investors

Message from the Investors

As Chinese living overseas, we look forward to seeing a prosperous motherland. So we sincerely hope to make a contribution to her development by investing in education. Not only does education benefit our next generation, but it also helps speed up the economic development of the nation. In 2000, with the full support of the governors in the Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, we were glad to establish our school in the Zone.

Since the establishment of the School ten years ago, with great effort of educational experts from home and abroad, Chengdu Meishi International School (CMIS) has been continuously probing into the area of educational innovation, while combining the strengths of Chinese and Western educational methodologies. We hope to see and have seen that not only can our graduates possess solid knowledge foundation, but more importantly, they have excellent personalities as global citizens and develop their core competence in the business world.

Looking back over the past ten years, our steps were tough but steady. Our minds, full of enthusiasm upon our return from abroad, have been transformed to that with maturity and responsibility. We have worked diligently without regret to improve our nation and help Chinese people stand out in the international community. Nothing can change our minds on the way of success. We will not feel regret on our choice. Persistence is the key to success! We have seen our students' success and we firmly believe that Meishi students will become quite capable people in the future.

Deming Yang, Chairman of the Board
Grace Qi Chen, Executive Director
Chengdu Meishi International School

September 2012

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