School Address: #1340 Middle Section of Tianfu Avenue, Renmin Nan Road, Chengdu, China (East Gate) #148 of 5th Tianfu Street (Parking Lot)

Correspondence Address: Chengdu Meishi International School ( Huayang Post )  zip code: 610042

Admissions Office: 028 - 85330757, 028 - 85330958 (Primary School)

School Office: 028 - 85330968, 028 - 85330073 (Fax)

WeChat Public Number: CMIS_2002

Bus Route: Take Bus 501 at Rennan Overpass East Station, or Take Bus 504 at Nijiaqiao Station to Get Off at Tianfu 4th Street, and 100 Meters away Software Park Area E

Metro Route: Take Metro Line 1 to 5th Tianfu Street Station, Exit A.

Self-driving Route: Enter # 148 of 5th Tianfu Street from Tianfu Avenue or Yizhou Avenue, and Enter the West Gate Parking Lot of the school on 5th Tianfu Street.