Harmonious Family


Nutritious Meals:

Nutritious meals are provided in the School. The nutritious experts in the School make plans of nutritious meals based on the student ages and different seasons. The school IC card is used in the school cafeteria.

Western-style Dinner:

There is a featured western dinner party to be held on a weekly basis. The students can learn a lot about western culture and practice western etiquette.



The School is well-equipped with all kinds of security facilities and the security guards are on patrol all day and all night.



On the occasion of important events, wearing uniforms is required for all students. The students must wear uniforms at the School, in order to encourage students have a positive state of mind and not to compare with each other's dress unrealistically.

Off-School Boarding:

Students, who cannot go home on weekends or public holidays, will be assigned to teachers for well arranged campus life.

Dorm Supervisors:

The School has arranged logistic supervisors to guide, manage, and take care of students' daily life. The school is like a home away from home and the students can be trained with the ability of living independently.


The School arranges buses to pick up students at some sites in Chengdu city, such as Southwest University of Finance and Economics, Southwest Jiaotong University, Tianfu Square, Sichuan Gym, Chengdu Hotel, and Factory 132. Parents can choose convenient sites for busing services.


Parents Days:

The School will arrange open days for parents. The parents can audit in classes. Meantime, many kinds of seminars about family education will be often held. The “Principal's Mailbox” has been set up in order to ensure a smooth communication between parents and the Schoo

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