The Profile of Cafeteria

The cafeteria is managed by the logistics department of Chengdu Meishi International School. Since the school's founding in 2002, we have always adhered to the principle that healthy means are integral to healthy student growth. CMIS' cafeteria provides three full meals and two snacks to students daily. It aims to provide nutritious meals for students of different age groups.

How does the cafeteria of CMIS ensure food safety from food logistics, processing, hardware facilities, and management structure?



2.Delivery Acceptance test





Medical examination for staff and morning examination system

For incoming food deliver, demand for certificates and tickets

Food retention system

Disinfection system

Personnel post responsibility system


Open Kitchen

In the summer of 2016, the school spent 5 million yuan to upgrade the first floor of the cafeteria with a brand new open kitchen and added a monitoring and video system to each post. In the summer of 2018, the school spent an additional 1.3 million yuan to upgrade the second and third floors of the cafeteria.

Since its completion, supervisors, teachers, students and parents can monitor the cleanliness and hygiene of the kitchen and operations of the staff.


High standard requirements for A - level cafeteria

In 2005, CMIS was awarded an A-grade certification by the Sichuan Department of Health in terms of food safety management and certification (Chengdu), therefore becoming one of the first group to receive such qualification. The school continues to carry out daily operations according to the A - level industry inspection standards. Our cafeteria also won the title of “Demonstration Canteen" in Sichuan Province's secondary and primary schools.

To ensure the highest level of food safety, CMIS monitors from hardware to software, from process to system, from the food integrity at the source, the health of personnel, and ensures no secondary pollution from raw material to finished products.