Sino-US Elite Program
Sino-US Elite Program   Sino-US Elite Program

Sino-US Elite Program is a US university preparatory class under the cooperation of Chengdu Meishi International School and United Education and Investments. By studying at Meishi for two and a half years for Chinese high school curriculum and US original junior to senior English courses, students obtain Chinese high school diploma and conditional or non-conditional admissions from US universities. Then they spend half a year at US universities for intensive language learning before starting their life in US universities. Students formally go to US universities in September.

  The Advantages of the Program:

Chinese high school curriculum + English language courses + Overseas survival skills training + Plan for study abroad + University application, one-stop international curriculum and services.

The Achievements of Sino-US Elite Program at Meishi:

Sino-US Elite Program Gaosan Students have been admitted to York University, Northeastern University, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Denver, Plymouth State University, Fairleigh Dickinson University, University of New Haven, Roger Williams University from US and Canada!

Dan Plaut
Dan Plaut:
Director of Sino-American Elite Program 

American Education Expert, who comes from a family of educators. He has Almost 30 years experience in International Education and over 12 years of experience of International Education in China. As the President of ELS China, he has overseen the matriculation of thousands of students to US Universities and supported and assisted hundreds of US colleges and universities in their recruitment and other initiatives in China.   

Misha Cao
Misha Cao:
Deputy Director of
Sino-American Elite Program

Misha Cao has more than 10 years of working experience in Consulate General of the United States Chengdu. China. She has broaden knowledge of American and Chinese education rules and policies. She knows well of US colleges and universities in their recruitment and other initiatives in China and has assisted thousands of students with matriculation to US universities. 
  • The Dean.Boggess from Business College of PSU visited SAEP

    May 29 morning, the Dean from PSU came to SAEP to give Gao1 and Gao2 students a presentation about how to choose a college or university abroad, the big and small universities’ advantages and disadva...

  • California Lutheran University visited SAEP

    April 21, 2015. In the morning, the admission counselor of California Lutheran University (CLU) came to SAEP to give Gao1 students a speech about university application and make students know more abou...

  • April 23, University Tour to China in CMIS

    April 23, 2015 afternoon, Council of International Schools came to CMIS to make a University Tour in IB campus. Students from SAEP and IB also went there and joined this tour. Some students spoke with ...

  • A presentation about Sino-American Elite Program

    March 20, 2015 afternoon, Principal Xu, Sino-American Elite Program (SAEP) Executive Director Dan Plaut as well as Deputy Executive Director Misha Cao gave grade 9 students of our school a presentation...

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